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Best Cheap Strollers Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for cheap strollers, there is a wide range of options available in the market. The price range is also equally varied. You can have the ones that are very travel-friendly and come with features like food tray and additional space for storing stuff. However, the most comfortable ones are also the most expensive ones. But if you really care to look around, there are some cheap strollers that come for less than $100 while still covering a number of requirements. You may expect the following things from cheap umbrella strollers that come for less than $100.

  • Strollers are required to be as lightweight as possible but also strong enough to hold the weight. The standard weight for strollers below $100 is 13 to 17 pounds. This weight will allow you to easily drag it around across street curbs, airports, upstairs or downstairs. Loading it onto vehicles will also become easier.
  • The overall dimension of cheap strollers is usually 40 by 9 by 10 inches. This makes it easier for the stroller to be fitted onto trunks, hallways and so on or it would defeat the entire purpose of having a stroller. Being able to fit it into tight spaces will make it possible to get it around sidewalks, malls, restaurants and restrooms.
  • Collapsible cheap strollers make it very easy to be carried around and increase the convenience of the user 100%. Most strollers below the range of $100 are not collapsible. However, if you look carefully, there are indeed a few foldable strollers that come at cheap prices.
  • The entire purpose of having cheap strollers is so that your little one can have a comfortable seat on it. The cheap strollers below $100 have adjustable positions so that you can play around with the lift, inclination and so on. This would make it applicable for eating. Drinking, resting and also allow for comfort and ease for your child to play around. If there are different replaceable seats for different purposes, it would be considered even better.
  • Strollers are to be pushed around at all times. Therefore having good wheels greatly add to the performance. Short wheels made out of plastic will definitely do the job. However, bigger wheels made out of sturdy materials would make it even more functional. Further, there are strollers that comes with lock and swivel systems. This would not make it easier for you while travelling but also enhance the safety of your child. At $100, you will be able to get all of these features in one single stroller.
  • Here, the canopy means the shade that is put up in a cheap umbrella stroller. This becomes functional on the outdoors. The canopy should be long enough to provide shade to the little one’s face, arms and belly. They should also be collapsible so that they do not pose a hindrance when you no longer require them. Unfortunately, there are only a few strollers below $100 that have collapsible strollers.
  • Most strollers have a storage space for holding a few itsy bitsy stuffs. This should be spacious enough to hold items like a few diapers, wipes and maybe a change of clothes. Cheaply priced strollers usually do not have enough storage space, whence you will be required to carry a separate bag for these items. So make sure that your stroller has enough storage space.
  • A food tray attached to strollers will let you feed your child with ease and prevent a mess. This also comes handy when you are training your child to feed himself. Cheap umbrella strollers may come with or without the food tray. Keep an eye out.
  • Cup holder: This is an attachment to the food tray. Cheap strollers with food trays do not necessarily have cup holders. However, if there is one, you could conveniently use it while feeding your child and avoid a mess in case the cups get toppled.

Our Top 3 Cheap Umbrella Strollers

Listed below are our top picks that come at a price less than $100.

#1  Summer Infant 3D Lite

  • Lots of storage space
  • Large canopies that provide maximum shade
  • Can easily be managed with one hand
  • Belt comes with a padding for maximum comfort
  • Available in different colors

  • Sometimes makes squeaking noises
  • Not very durable compared to high quality products

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This lightweight stroller uses air light aluminum frames, which greatly reduce the overall weight of the stroller. Furthermore, aluminum frameworks make it very durable thus making them very durable and stand the test of time. The overall weight of Summer Infant 3D Lite is less than 13 pounds making it extremely convenient to carry and push around. In fact, this is one of the lightest strollers currently available in the market. The setup is very compact and easy to use. You can easily fold and unfold the lightweight stroller in three simple steps – lift the rear handle, push the level with your foot and fold down. The added is an advantage is that the stroller even has an auto lock and carry strap. This combined with the light-weightiness make it extremely easy to manage the stroller through sidewalks, airports, subways and so on.

Summer Infant 3Dlite can easily be foldedYou can also have this stroller adjusted to different positions such as recline or flat so that your baby can take a nap on the stroller itself. This set up also makes it more functional while changing the diapers. This one has a 5point harness and an open frame design. This keeps it from looking unnecessarily bulky and increases the ease of reaching the storage spaces. The five-point harness can be adjusted to three different heights, thus allowing a very comfortable ride. The adjustable height would be of great advantage as you do not have to frequently get new strollers as your child grows. Furthermore, there is comfortable cushion padding to keep your child from getting rashes.

The stroller has an adjustable canopy that provides large shade for the infant. Therefore, if you are planning to take your baby out on a sunny day, you do not have to worry about the harmful rays affecting your baby’s delicate skin. The canopy is adjustable, so you can pull it out or push it back in with great ease. The extra UV protection on the canopy makes it possible to block off almost 99.9% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The stroller has plenty of storage space, so you will not only be able to store in the basic supplies but also your bags. There are also additional pockets on the stroller the can hold purses, cell phones, and keys.  The strollers come with a food tray and cup tray, so you could place a water/milk bottle for your baby’s convenience.

Best price Cheap Baby Strollers – Summer Infant 3Dlite Review

Cheap Baby Strollers – Summer Infant 3Dlite Review

As mothers, we wish to protect our children from all sorts of harm. Such a desire begins rights after their birth. If ...

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Read the full review of our low budget top pick here.

#2  Kolcraft Cloud Plus

  • Lightweight hence facilitates portability
  • Easily accessible storage basket
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Compact folding
  • Good for all terrains

  • Harness too short
  • The canopy comes without a cover
  • Only available in black

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The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a very travel-friendly, lightweight stroller that is best to be used both at home and outside. The entire setup comes at a weight of fewer than 12 pounds, thus making it easier to push them around sidewalks, restaurants, airports and such. It is also very compact, meaning that you can push it through narrow pavements and restrooms with mush ease. This makes the Kolcraft Plus very convenient to be used almost anywhere and everywhere. It is also very easy to be lifted and loaded onto vehicles and carriers, upstairs and downstairs.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus is foldableThis stroller is collapsible in one single fold. In addition, the folded stroller stands up, thus making it easier to store when no longer in use. This prevents an additional mess in the house. It is also perfect to be loaded onto small sized cars during vacations and travels.

This stroller also has a very wide canopy offering enough shade to protect your little one from the harsh sun outside. Also, the canopy is adjustable. Therefore, you can fold it in and out as per the convenience. When the canopy is folded back, it also makes it easier to access the storage spaces so that you can easily reach out for the required things. When the canopy is tucked away, you can push back the seat for more reclination. The material used for the canopy is UV protective meaning that it can effectively block out the harmful UV rays coming from the sun, especially UVA and UVB. This is very much important, as the skin of a young one is very delicate and prone to UV damage. UV protection is also available only in the high-cost strollers. However, Kolcraft Cloud Plus is quite good a bargain as it offers so much at a very reasonable cost.

The stroller also has a very open framework, which does not make it too bulky and suffocating for the child. Open strollers allow for an easier air circulation. Add to that, this stroller has a wider storage space complete with a food tray and two drink holders.

The concluding note is that this is very much similar to the above product in terms of functionality and ease of use.

#3  Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

  • Very lightweight
  • Easily foldable
  • Available in many colors and interesting designs
  • Good for occasional walks

  • Short height, you have to stoop while pushing it
  • The seat is not adjustable
  • Only one fixed recline
  • Rather cheap materials

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This is the cheapest out of the three products chosen here. It is compact and foldable with 3-point harness and comfortable covered handles. This stroller can accommodate children weighing up to 40 pounds. Following is a review of the stroller based on various different aspects.

Weight and size

Foldable Disney Umbrella StrollerThe Disney umbrella stroller is very lightweight which makes it very easy to be carried around. You can easily push the stroller through sidewalks, malls and such. It has a small compact size, which not provides a better circulation but also allows you to push it around through very narrow pavements and congested areas. Moving through malls and elevators does not become very much of a problem. Furthermore, it can be folded when not in use. This way, you can easily load and unload them onto cars and carriers.

Ease of use

The stroller comes at a very comfortable recline with very comfortable and durable fabric. This allows the child to rest in a very comfortable position while the strollers are being pushed around. The small and compact size also makes it easier to turn the stroller around small paths and sharp corners.


The strollers have four, high placed wheels. The wheels are made of sturdy materials thus making it possible to take the stroller out in the open. The high placement of the wheels ensures that the wheels do not get stuck when the road is not so smooth. This also makes it easier to control the speed of the stroller.


This stroller has a sunshade, which is made of solid material and is therefore not collapsible. This can possibly make the stroller seem a little impractical. However, the sunshade does not cover a very large area and therefore does not affect the portability of the stroller. But then again, the canopy is not wide and long enough to offer enough shade if it is sunny outside. This stroller may therefore only be appropriate to be used in homes and indoor conditions such as malls and restaurants.


The stroller has a 3-point harness that can be easily buckled up to secure your child in fact on the seat. The harness is also very strong easy to be adjusted.


The stroller has a comfortable recliner complete with secure backrest. This makes sure that your child stays secure to the stroller, also allowing them to take a cozy nap. There is also a leg rest for the kids, which doubles in utility by providing a strong framework for the stroller and keeping the frame intact.


Out of three products included above, Summer Infant 3D Lite is the most recommended one. This is already one of the most popular strollers on the market today. There are many attributes that have given this one the best spot in the category of under $100 strollers. First of all, it is very lightweight and collapsible. This makes it easier for the parents to carry them around and even load and unload onto vehicles, especially family cars. The small and compact size makes it possible to take the stroller around in narrow and congested places and also makes it easier to bend around the corners. It has large wheels and very strong framework, making it possible to take them out in the open, where the roads may not be as smooth as you expected.

Apart from that, the stroller has adjustable canopy, wide enough to provide enough shade even on the sunniest day. The open design makes it easier to store the basic items like diapers and wipes. There are also additional pockets for keeping keys, mobiles and purses – these are attributes of more advanced strollers. The seats are adjustable, thus making it suitable for all kids between 6 months to those weighing 50 lbs.