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Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller – Mountain Buggy Nano Review

Are you a parent to a toddler or a new-born? If so, you can probably relate to the difficulty of traveling with babies. There are so many things you always need to carry around. If you are taking public transport or going on a walk in your local park, the task of handling it all becomes too overwhelming at times.

However, if you are equipped with a lightweight umbrella stroller, such walks and commute may not seem like a nightmare. Instead, it will be an easy feat for you and your child. How? It is via the fact that an umbrella stroller if picked wisely, can not only provide you with a convenient way to carry your baby, but it can also provide you with additional benefits.

If you have the money to spare, you should invest in a premium stroller to ensure that you are given a durable and high-quality item. Amongst an array of expensive strollers, Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller comes out on top. Rest assured that this stroller is one of the best products to choose if you have a premium budget.

Mountain Buggy Nano

'The Mountain Buggy Nano is an umbrella stroller you buy to keep it for years.'

Ideal for traveling

Handy and Compact when folded Mountain Buggy Nano StrollerAn umbrella stroller needs to be convenient to travel with. Such a feature serves to be the primary function of such strollers. However, not all options available in the market succeed in providing such convenience.

You will be happy to know that, amongst various expensive strollers, this product manages to perform its essential function with immense ease. Not only is it convenient to travel with but it also includes an array of features which make it the ideal mode of traveling for your baby.

Such is ensured by the lightweight of the product as well as the compactness of it. The compact foldable nature of the stroller allows it to be efficiently stored or put away when you travel on an airplane or public transport. The product is also accompanied by a carrying satchel which is custom-fit in nature. This bag allows you to carry the lightweight umbrella stroller when not in use efficiently.

If you wish to use your car, this product is equipped with features that make such a journey as comfortable as possible. This is guaranteed by the inclusion of the onboard car seat adapter. This adaptor allows the stroller to convert into a travel system and accommodate an infant car seat. This feature is further enhanced by the belt-style nature of the adaptor.

Smooth Performance

If you peruse the market, you will find various expensive strollers. However, not all of them will give you the superior performance that you should be getting when you have a premium budget. This stroller proves to be one of the best products under a premium budget because it features and performance justify the price charged.

The enhanced performance of the product is guaranteed by the inclusion of the built-in rear suspension. Such a suspension plays an integral role in making sure that your child is as comfortable as possible during their journey.

The product also ensures that your baby’s safety is guaranteed. This is made sure by the addition of brakes which are easy to use. They respond immediately and hence protect your child from danger. Moreover, the inclusion of the 6-inch EVA wheels also provides for a smooth ride free of all sorts of bumps.


Side View Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

  • The dimensions of this product are 12 x 22 x 20 inches when folded.
  • The weight capacity of the lightweight umbrella stroller is 44 pounds.
  • The product is ideal for children up to the age of four.
  • The folding process only requires two steps and meets the criterion for airline carryon luggage.
  • The product is accompanied by a travel bag and a shoulder strap which allows for hands-free transportation of the stroller.
  • The recline of the product is 30% deeper than other expensive strollers.
  • The stroller protects your child from the sun via its sun hood coverage and flip-out visor.
  • The stroller provides sufficient coverage in winters via the inclusion of a fabric overlay.
  • The weight of the stroller is approximately 13 pounds.
  • The product is equipped with optimum weight distribution which aids in smooth performance.

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  • This lightweight umbrella stroller takes up little space when folded up and therefore allow for easy storage.
  • The maneuverability of the stroller is excellent and can be efficiently operated on an array of surfaces.
  • The inclusion of a travel bag allows you to carry the stroller as a large handbag when not in use which serves to be convenient for many.
  • The reclining system of the stroller is impressive and succeeds in being flat and therefore perfect for naptime.

  • When not using the sunshade, the hood covers the push bar which may not allow for comfortable handling.
  • The product cannot be folded via one hand and therefore needs you to put your child down to tackle it.
  • The product is not accompanied by a basket case to act as a storage space.


Well built and easy to use Mountain Buggy Nano StrollerWhen it comes to performance and quality, this stroller has succeeded in defeating all other expensive strollers. The cost of the product seems reasonable when you think about all the features included in this lightweight umbrella stroller.

The travel bag and car seat adapter prove to be benefits that few products tend to offer. This product makes the difficult task of carrying a folded stroller around immensely comfortable by converting it all into a large handbag. It is features and advantages like this one which allows this stroller to be the likely choices of the masses.

Moreover, the light weight of the product has also been a pleasing factor since it, along with the two-step fold and the compactness, allows for ease when traveling regardless of what your mode of the journey is. Such features allow users to overlook the minor flaws exhibited by the product.

If you wish for an excellent product within the premium budget, choose Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller instead of the other, more expensive strollers. Enjoy the convenience and superior performance provided by this umbrella stroller.

9.5 Total Score

The Mountain Buggy Nano is an umbrella stroller you can keep for years. The workmanship is extraordinary and its functionality is great. Sure, it is a bit more expensive than others, but the quality of this lightweight umbrella stroller makes up for it! Clear recommendation and top pick in the premium budget segment.

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