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Cheap Baby Strollers – Summer Infant 3Dlite Review

As mothers, we wish to protect our children from all sorts of harm. Such a desire begins rights after their birth. If you are a mother, chances are you are quite protective when it comes to taking the baby out on walks or when traveling. At such a time, an umbrella stroller may come in extremely handy.

Umbrella strollers should be preferred when you are commuting or traveling with your child. It is because the light weight of the product along with its ability to be folded quickly can be a source of convenience for you, while you ensure that your baby is comfortable.

If you are limited by a budget and are looking for strollers on sale, there will be many products available to you. However, don’t make the mistake of choosing just any product. Amongst the array of cheap baby strollers, the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller may be the ideal choice, and it is equipped with various features.

SummerInfant 3Dlite Stroller

'One of the best cheap baby strollers in terms of quality and functionality'

Compact yet durable

Summer Infant 3Dlite can easily be foldedNo one likes to make unnecessary trips to the market every time your baby’s stroller loses the battles against wear and tear. You want to avoid such costly trips, especially when you primarily wanted to save and buy cheap baby strollers in the first place. Hence, everyone looks for durability in strollers.

The manufacturers of this product have succeeded in delivering you with a stroller which is not only durable, but is also compact and lightweight, thereby ensuring that the stroller both lasts long and is convenient to travel with.

The robustness of the stroller is guaranteed by the inclusion of an all-aluminum frame. Such a material is responsible for both the durability as well as the light weight of the product. Moreover, to ensure that the stroller is ideal for commuting, this small stroller is equipped with an auto-lock as well as a carry strap. The carry strap allows you to efficiently take the stroller on both subways and through airports.

Enhanced protection

Summer Infant 3Dlite offers a storage boxThe primary functions of an umbrella stroller are to provide your baby with a mode of traveling, and also to protect them from the surroundings. After all, you wish to shield your child from all the things that could harm them.

The manufacturers of this product realize how important it is for you to protect your child from harm. And through this product, they are taking it upon themselves to provide your baby with the protection that they need.

Such is achieved via the adjustable canopy of this small stroller. The large canopy can be adjusted to make sure that your baby’s sensitive skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Such safety is further guaranteed by the inclusion of a sun visor in the product. When the days are extra sunny, all you need to do is pop the screen out and make sure that your baby is shielded from UVA rays. This sun visor is rated as being able to block 99.9% UVA and UVB rays and is therefore bound to ensure the safety of your child. Hence, this baby stroller stands out amongst a crowd of other cheap baby strollers.


Summer Infant 3Dlite Cheap Stroller

  • This product is equipped with a large seat.
  • The stroller weighs around 13 pounds.
  • The product is fitted with an extra-large storage basket which is perfect for storing diaper bags and your purse.
  • The storage basket features a rear storage pocket which allows you to store your key and cellphone and a cup holder to guarantee that a baby bottle always accompanies you.
  • The product features an open design, and its seat can be easily reclined via its 4-position recline and five-point safety harness.
  • The canopy of the stroller can both be adjusted and removed.
  • The product can be easily folded allows for compact folding for added convenience.

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  • The product weighs light, and therefore allows you to carry the stroller across distances without burden.
  • The stroller’s ease of folding is such that it can be done while simultaneously holding onto your child.
  • The size of the canopy is perfect for an umbrella stroller.
  • The recliners allow for enhanced comfort for your baby especially via the sleeping position which is commonly unheard of in cheap baby strollers.
  • The storage space is massive and can be used to keep all sorts of things and therefore is a source of convenience for many.

  • The shoulder pads of the product are easy to remove and hence are prone to getting misplaced.
  • The front wheel plastic lever is cheap and may be prone to early damage, hence undermining the durability.
  • The stroller is quite low to the ground which means that if your child is slightly older, his or her feet may touch the ground.


Summer Infant 3Dlite available in different colorsThis stroller has managed to deliver ample storage, protection, and durability to its customers. And when you consider the features of the adjustable canopy and the four position recline option of the product, you will realize that the stroller is equipped with an array of value-added features which make it the best low budget stroller amongst all other cheap baby strollers.

It is hard to find a product which is both budget friendly and succeeds in protecting your baby. And this product provides you with just that. If you buy strollers on sale which have subpar quality, you’ll be taking a risk with your child. And that is not an alternative, especially when you consider how much this stroller offers you at such a low cost.

It is true that this small stroller has its shortcomings. It may need to work on ensuring the quality of its front wheels and shoulder pads. But the fact remains that the benefits of using a stroller, due to its size, weight and canopy, outstrips the flaws it may have.

If you wish to remain within your budget while ensuring that you are provided with a convenient yet safe stroller for your baby, amongst all the cheap baby strollers, give Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller a try. You will not be disappointed.

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Good quality and design as well as great functionality for a reasonable price. This makes the SummerInfant 3Dlite our top pick for umbrella strollers in the low budget segment. If you are looking for a solid product, you won't make anything wrong with this one.

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SummerInfant 3Dlite Umbrella Stroller