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Zoe Umbrella XL1 Deluxe Travel Stroller Review

If you are a parent to an infant, you will relate to the constant concern you feel regarding the safety of your child. While you may crave for the sunny and bright days, for your baby they are the worst. It is because infants have sensitive skin which tends to react when exposed to direct sunlight.

Does that mean you can’t enjoy a walk in the park with your little one? Of course not! It only means that you need to ensure that your child is protected from the scorching heat.

The best way to do so is to guarantee it via an umbrella stroller. The reason that we are focusing on a travel stroller is that such products not only provide protection to your baby from harmful rays, but they tend to be extremely lightweight and thereby convenient to travel with.

If you have the money to spare, there are various options in the market to choose from. Amongst all the options, Zoe Umbrella XL1 Single Deluxe is the single stroller which may be the perfect stroller for your newborn.

Zoe Umbrella XL1 Deluxe

'The quality and worksmanship of the Zoe Umbrella XL1 Deluxe can compete with the likes of MacLaren - the functionality and its features make this travel stroller our top pick for an advanced budget'

Ideal for traveling

One of the primary functions you require an umbrella stroller to provide you with is convenient traveling. After all, it is not easy going from one place to another with a baby. And you need all the help you can get. However, if your single stroller is too bulky or is too difficult to fold, then such a product proves to be a burden rather than a helping hand.

While some other umbrella strollers in the market may fail to be good travel strollers, this product can be the perfect travel stroller. This is due to the inclusion of various features which ensures its compactness and portability.

One such feature is the lightweight of the product. This stroller for newborn weighs only 10 pounds and therefore is perfect for you to carry around long distances or up the stairs. Such a lightweight is unheard of in various other strollers and serve to be a distinguishing factor from other products.

Moreover, the product is not only compact in size, but it also features an easy one-hand fold which allows you to fold the product while simultaneously holding your baby in your arms. Such a feature is a source of huge convenience when it comes to airline travel as well as public transportation.

Enhanced Protection

Regardless of how great a single stroller is, if it does nothing to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun or dust, then it is of no use to you. Every parent’s priority is the safety of their child, and the manufacturers of this product understand this concern.

Therefore, this product has been made to guarantee the safety of your baby. This is ensured via the canopy which is manufactured to be vast and extendable in nature to provide shade against the sun. The canopy also allows your baby to witness the world from a safe spot.

Such a canopy with its extensions manages to offer you and your baby with the perfect blocking mechanism to make sure that all the UV rays stay at bay.



  • This product is a single stroller and is available in the color black.
  • A lifetime warranty accompanies the product which makes it a cost-effective option within the advanced budget range.
  • The manufacturers of the stroller also provide you with a guarantee on wheels which means that if the wheels of the product break while you own it, ZOE will fix or replace the product.
  • The product is compact enough to fit in most standard airplanes’ overhead storage compartments.
  • The product includes a snack cup, child cup holder, a parent cup holder and padded front belly bar as added accessories.
  • The stroller is equipped with a magnetic peekaboo window on top of the canopy to provide your baby with a view of the world.
  • The stroller features a 135-degree reclining seat which is bound to provide your child with a comfortable experience.
  • A large storage basket accompanies the product for your convenience.
  • The seat of the stroller is rated to 18 kg.
  • The product is equipped with a five-point harness.

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  • The product is the perfect stroller for newborn since the smallest setting of the straps are ideal for infants.
  • The lightweight of the product allows for enhanced portability which in turn adds on to the convenience of using this travel stroller.
  • The product is equipped with an abundance of storage, and the cell phone holder especially serves to be highly convenient when using the stroller.
  • The travel stroller is easy to steer and glides effortlessly regardless of the weight of the occupant.

  • The product does not fully recline and cannot be reclined to a sleeping position which undermines the comfort this travel stroller provides to the baby.
  • The product lacks hand covers and strap covers which mean that the stroller is prone to looking old and weary as well as getting damaged.


This stroller manages to satisfy the masses via its super lightweight and protection feature. While the extendable canopy of the product succeeds in protecting babies from sunlight, the lightweight of the single stroller ensure that the mothers are left satisfied as well.

When such benefits are added on to the array of features provided including the large storage basket and a lifetime guarantee, it comes as no surprise that this product serves to be the best travel stroller within the advanced budget range.

Moreover, it has managed to cater to both newborns and slightly older kids. It is hard to find a quality stroller for newborn, and this product is one of the rare ones.

That is not to say that the stroller is free of all flaws. It can do better when it comes to the degree of recline and the level of durability offered. However, the advantages of the product outstrip its shortcomings.

If you wish for a convenient stroller which allows you to travel with your child without having any looming worries or hassles, Zoe Umbrella XL1 Single Deluxe Stroller may be the perfect choice for you.


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The Zoe Umbrella XL1 Deluxe is our top pick if you have an advanced budget. The processing is comparable to the most expensive umbrella strollers on the market. It is easy to handle and comes with lots of features. In terms of price-performance, it is hard to find a better product.

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Zoe Umbrella XL1 Deluxe